Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Introduction of New Technology

Core Wall and Structure

Core Wall and Structure

We have ensured extremely high levels of safety with regard to earthquakes and strong winds by combining three systems: the external mega-structure (consisting of the external structural columns, the major diagonals, and the belt trusses), the core wall in the center, and the outrigger trusses that connect these two structures.

Foundation Structure

Foundation Structure

The building is supported by the lattice-shaped “foundation wall” consisting of an external wall and a core wall at the base of the tower, “pressure-resistant plates” over 2m thick, and approximately 2,200 steel pipe support piles driven up to 78m into the ground.

Installation of an Evacuation Floor

We have made the 7th floor an “evacuation floor” that is fire-proof and can be used as an emergency evacuation location if a disaster occurs. We have also installed an anti-smoke system pressurized by the external air, which prevents smoke from entering the evacuation floor.

Ensuring Security in View of Both People and Machinery

IC card key system

We have constructed a top-of-the-line security structure regarding both people and machinery. Access to the office area from outside is controlled by a state-of-the-art IC card key system and the disaster prevention center features a centralized building control system.

Swaying of the Building Alleviated by Mass Dampers

mass dampers

We have installed two mass dampers consisting of 150-ton counterweights on the 90th floor to improve occupants’ comfort in strong wind conditions by reducing the swaying of the building.