Mori Building Co., Ltd.

ARCH Toranomon Hills

As an incubation center specializing in organizations, our mission is to facilitate the creation of new business for large companies. We support business creation from both the hardware and the software perspectives, focusing on the possibilities and challenges unique to large companies who can draw upon their abundant resources and networks. We aim to realize a Japanese version of the innovation creation model.

Tokyo Venture Capital Hub

Japan's first large-scale venture capital gathering base. We promote the growth of emerging VCs, CVCs, etc. with the cooperation of independent VCs possessing extensive knowledge and networks. We aim to become a catalyst for revitalizing the Japanese economy as a base where venture capital, an essential element for the growth of startups, is easily accessible.

Hills House

This complex has three functions: a clubhouse where workers gather, an event space where companies can communicate, and a dining area where people can socialize. This space is not only a place to work, but also a place to interact, learn, and connect in various ways to feed creation. It will be a base for emerging creative work styles throughout the entirety of Azabudai Hills.

Japan Innovation Campus

A center established in Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs and startups who are taking on new challenges on a global scale. By gathering the knowledge and networks cultivated by our predecessors here and utilizing them through the community, we will maximize the potential of new business ideas both in Japan and overseas and continue to connect them to those taking on the challenge of reshaping the world for the better.

Information/Consultation Request

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