For further information please contact

Recruitment-related inquiries

Human Resources Department (81)3-6406-6615 (Japanese only)

Office-related inquiries

Office Leasing Department (81)3-6406-6300

Residential-related inquiries

Residential Marketing and Leasing Department (81)3-6406-6661

Retail facility-related inquiries

Roppongi Hills Retail Development Department (81)3-6406-6600
Omotesando Hills Management Office (81)3-3497-0310
Laforet Harajuku (81)3-3475-0411 (Japanese only)
VenusFort (81)3-3599-0700
Other retail facilities (81)3-6406-6665 (Japanese only)

Parking-related inquiries

Roppongi Hills Parking Control Center (81)3-6406-6678
Parking Business Department (81)3-6406-6711

Building Management-related inquiries:

Maintenance and Security Management Department (81)3-6406-6670  

Property Management-related inquiries

Property Management Department (81)3-6406-6671  

Interior work / Building materials-related inquiries

Interiors Department (81)3-6406-6690  

International Business Department

International Business Department (81)3-6406-6496  
Shanghai World Financial Center Co.,Ltd. (86)21-6841-3000

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills General Information (81)3-6406-6000
Roppongi Hills Retail Development Department (81)3-6406-6600
HILLS CARD (81)3-6406-6410 (Japanese only)
Roppongi Hills Parking Control Center (81)3-6406-6678
Mori Art Museum (81)3-6406-6100
Tokyo City View (81)3-6406-6652
Mori Arts Center Gallery (81)3-6406-6855 (Japanese only)
roppongi hills ART+DESIGN STORE (81)3-6406-6280 (Japanese only)
MORI ARTS CENTER MUSEUM SHOP (81)3-6406-6270 (Japanese only)
Roppongi Hills Club (81)3-6406-6001
Roppongi Academyhills (81)3-6406-6649
Academyhills Forum Office (81)3-6406-6220 (Japanese only)
Roppongi Hills Arena (81)3-6406-6611
TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills (81)3-5775-6090 (Japanese only)
GRAND HYATT TOKYO (81)3-4333-1234

ARK Hills

ARK Hills Information (81)3-6406-6888  
Retail facility-related inquiries (81)3-6406-6665  
Events-related inquiries (81)3-6406-6666  
ARK HILLS CLUB (81)3-5562-8201  
HILLS SPA (81)3-5573-2830 ARK HILLS
  (81)3-5549-7430 SENGOUYAMA

Omotesando Hills

Omotesando Hills Management Office (81)3-3497-0310
Omotesando Hills
S and O
(81)3-5785-1790 (Japanese only)

Other retail facilities

Laforet Harajuku (81)3-3475-0411
VenusFort(2F/3F) (81)3-3599-0700
VenusFort FAMILY(1F) (81)3-3599-1749


Shishido Hills Country Club (81)296-77-2141 (Japanese only)
Shizu Hills Country Club (81)29-296-2000 (Japanese only)


ARK HILLS SPA (81)3-5573-2830
GREEN HILLS SPA (81)3-6402-1900
MOTOAZABU HILLS SPA (81)3-3769-6201
ROPPONGI HILLS SPA (81)3-6406-6550

General inquiries regarding Mori Building

Public Relations (81)3-6406-6606

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