Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Consulting of Urban Design

Mori Building group provides comprehensive consulting services from the earliest stage of planning to the very end of the project. For example, starting with planning, the verification of project feasibility, negotiations with governments and administrative agencies, to the consensus among the citizens in the community, we will help our clients and which surrounds them, all the way.
Consulting services are available in overseas as well. Recently, in addition to creating cities, the demand for operation and management of the cities is rising. Based on Mori Building’s concept “Vertical Garden City”, we will contribute to further development of Asian cities through urban planning and redevelopment consulting, through design to management in total.

Communication Tools in Urban Design

When promoting urban development, it is very important to have a precise image of the future of your city. Mori Building has original communication tools, such as urban models and VR (virtual reality) for urban development and sales support, Through better communication between administrative agencies, private companies, and local people by these tools, we believe that a better urban planning will be eventually realized in the future.