Mori Building Co., Ltd.

"Create Cities, Nurture Cities"
We challenge ourselves to achieve a city's endless possibilities.

Shingo Tsuji, President and CEO

The work of urban development is fascinating. This is because cities are the foundation of all types of activity, and they contain within them endless possibilities.

Looking at the history of modern societies, we can see that we have transitioned from the "age of the nation states" to the "age of global corporations," and now as we begin the 21st century it is clear that we are entering the "age of cities." People, as well as companies are drawn to cities like to a magnet, and our cities will set the stage for new connections and innovation, and will be the source of new ideas or businesses. Cities are truly the new business frontier of the 21st century.

Under conditions of rapid globalization and intense international competition, we must find ways to boost the combined power and increase the magnetic of Tokyo, the capital and engine of the Japanese economy. Japan has many great assets, both tangible and intangible, including one of the world's largest economies, a safe and orderly society, sophisticated transportation infrastructure, refined culture, top-class cuisine, combined with the politeness and consideration of the Japanese people that have made such an impression on the world following the Great East Japan Earthquake. I believe that if we can use these assets to create a city that is even more attractive, then Tokyo can most certainly become the most vibrant city in the world.

City-making involves picturing the lives of the people who live, work, and come and go in the city, and shaping a better future. After a project is completed, it must also continuously evolve and mature in order to fit the needs of the times. It is only when both of these requirements are met that a city can maximize its true magnetic power of attraction. In order to increase this magnetic attraction of a city after its completion, we have created an original system which we call "town management," and which we have put into practice in Roppongi Hills. We are planning to further develop this model to create a system of "area management", and expand it to create the global metropolis that is the Tokyo of the future.

Mori Building has a unique vision of city-making, and we pride in the strength that derives from our decades'long experience of creating and developing cities from a holistic approach. Moreover, we have developed a corporate culture of independent thinking and action, without being constrained by conventional ideas, This is a source of power that has enabled us to produce new value and attractiveness, and to create cities; a stage for global players. I hope that we can put this power to its best use and that together we can create a city of "open minds" where people from around the world can reach across national borders and share excitement, and where new ideas and connections will be born.

Our company's mission in society will remain unchanged: to revitalize people and businesses through the work of creating and developing cities. Based on this firm vision, we shall continue to face new challenges with methods and characteristic speed required by our times as we pioneer a new age.

Tsuji, Shingo
President and CEO