Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Tax Transparency Policy

The business of Mori Building is "to create safe, secure, and affluent cities, and to nurture cities" and it is an essential prerequisite that the company comply with laws, regulations, and other social norms in order to realize this goal. Based on this perspective, the company has established basic rules for promoting compliance in its Compliance Basic Policy, and in line with it, the Compliance Regulations, the Compliance Code of Conduct, the Guidelines for the Compliance Code of Conduct, and other guidelines have been established.

In accordance with the above, Mori Building complies with the tax laws of all countries in which it operates following the spirit of the law. Furthermore, it will not engage in unfair tax avoidance by utilizing tax havens for the purpose of tax avoidance, will maintain healthy and normal relationships with the tax authorities in each country, and will not provide unfair benefits to them. In this way, Mori Building executes appropriate, fair, and highly transparent tax responses and fulfills its corporate social responsibility from a tax perspective as well.

Supervisory System

Under the supervision of the officer in charge of accounting, who is responsible for supervising the company's accounting affairs, Mori Building's Accounting Department works closely with all relevant departments in the execution of its tax affairs. In the event of any matters of tax significance to the company, it makes timely reports to the Board of Directors and the Internal Auditors or the Board of Corporate Auditors.

Actual Tax Payments

The actual amount of taxes paid by the Mori Building group are as follows.

(Unit: million JPY)
Country/region Taxes paid (FY2021)
Japan 5,203
Others, including China 3,067
Total 8,271