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Process from Lease Contract to Moving In

The following is a step-by-step explanation of of the process for leasing a Mori Building office.


Contact & Consult with Mori Building

Timing: approx. 6 months prior to planned move

Submit an inquiry through this website or by phone, and one of the leasing specialists will contact you to discuss your requirements. Simple requests such as for a brochure are also welcome.


Select & Decide on the Office

Timing: approx. 4-6 months prior to planned move

Mori Building can provide information on a selection of candidate properties that satisfy your office requirements. In order to ensure your selection of the ideal space to create your new office, we strongly recommend firsthand viewing of various candidate properties. A specialist will attend the firsthand viewing to answer your questions.


Lease Application & Lease Agreement

Timing: approx. 3-5 months prior to planned move

Once you have selected a property, please submit a lease application form. After receiving the lease application form, Mori Building conducts a credit inquiry* of the prospective tenant. Upon approval, we begin the process of preparing and concluding a lease agreement.

*Mori Building conducts this inquiry to ensure the safety and security of all our tenants. Our list of tenants includes not only established corporations listed on the stock exchange but also companies with only a few employees as well as young venture enterprises. We welcome clients of every category and scale.


Office Layout/Interior Design Decision & Construction Work

Timing: approx. 2-4 months prior to planned move

Office layout will be finalized and the office interior design will be decided. Mori Building can provide you with optimum layout and design proposals for your office and will finalize the design through subsequent discussions.


Moving Out/In

The moving-in schedule begins from the first day of the term of the lease agreement. In order to have the move go smoothly, it is important to notify all employees of the moving schedule.


After Moving-in

This final step consists of the required move-related notification/registration procedures with various relevant government and municipal offices. Because the period immediately prior to the move is usually filled with transactions with various trade and service providers, it is good idea to have a clear picture of the necessary notification and registration procedures in advance.

Please contact us for assitance: Reference Materials / Viewing Appointment / Leasing Rate Information


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