• Toranomon Hills Business Tower's full-year operations were stable, and occupancy rates and unit prices for offices and housing remained high. Although operating revenue fell due to facility closures related to COVID-19, profit attributable to owners of parent held at the previous year's level.
  • Revenue and income both are expected to increase in the new fiscal year ending March 2022 (FY2021), based on the assumption that pandemic conditions will gradually ease.

Tokyo, May 25, 2021 - Mori Building, Japan's leading urban landscape developer, announced its financial results for fiscal year ending March 2021 (FY2020), as follows:


Mori Building also announced its tentative consolidated forecast for the new fiscal year ending March 2022 (FY2021), reflecting the company's best-effort estimates and calculations of possible results. Actual results may vary depending on the evolving situation regarding the pandemic and other factors.


Consolidated results are based on information available on the day of the announcement as analyzed by Mori Building. Forecasts are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties, so actual results may differ due to changes in various factors.