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【GINZA SIX】GINZA SIX celebrates its first anniversary

GINZA SIX, the Ginza area's largest mixed-use facility and the first luxury shopping mall in Japan, will celebrate its first anniversary on Friday, April 20, 2018. GINZA SIX is popular across a wide customer demographic ranging in age from the 20s to the 60s, with men and women more or less equally represented. The driving force behind sales has been wealthy customers—not just from Tokyo, but also from other areas of Japan and from abroad. Thanks to a prime location in the upscale Ginza district, the number of repeat customers, drawn from a wide area, including overseas locales, continues to grow. The number of visitors over the course of the full year is expected to be around 20 million. Projected sales for the year are 60 billion yen.

Capturing attention as a cultural dissemination center and a Ginza for the world
"We've got off to a great start in our first year in business, with solid sales," said President Soichiro Kuwajima of GINZA SIX Retail Management Co., Ltd. "To accompany all the quality products and services offered by the numerous flagships stores that have taken up residence here, GINZA SIX also provides unique experiences and flavors. These include art displays, a rooftop garden, and cultural events at the Kanze Noh Theater. I believe these have been warmly received by customers. Moving forward, we intend to continue embracing new challenges based on our commitment to innovating and bringing history to life at Ginza."
GINZA SIX has also drawn attention for the artworks displayed inside, most notably for a work by Yayoi Kusama on display from the opening day. Reporters have flocked to the facility from Japan and around the world, and the art continues to be featured in numerous social media posts by visitors. Various aspects of the facility have been recognized by awards, including its creative advertising and interior design. It's emerged as a focal point for cultural transmission as a Ginza for the world, not just Japan.
In addition to retail stores, GINZA SIX offers a range of urban functions, including a significant block of office space, a rooftop garden, Kanze Noh Theater, a bay for tourist buses, and a tourist service center. All this has generated new customer segments and experiences in the Ginza district. Growing numbers of people have visited Ginza since its opening; the numbers of passengers that pass through the Ginza subway station have jumped by some 7,400 per day.1 A March 28, 2018 announcement of official land appraisals showed land in Ginza 6-chome had gained 16.9% in value over the course of the year—the largest gain for any Tokyo commercial district for the second straight year.
1Source: Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd., appendix to earnings briefing for the second quarter of the year to March 2018

At GINZA SIX, we intend to continue offering exclusive experiences. We've teamed up with overseas highly reputable luxury malls (LANDMARK: Hong Kong, TAIPEI 101: Taiwan) in a program that introduces VIP customers to the partner facilities. Installed in the atrium at the building center, a new art by French artist Daniel Buren marks our first anniversary. The art has also made its way outside as part of the GINZA SIX façade and with flags hoisted along a 1,100-meter stretch of Chuo-dori Street, Ginza's main thoroughfare. In the future, as a new cultural transmission point for Ginza and for Tokyo, GINZA SIX will continue to display pieces from Japanese and international artists and engage in collaborations with the Kanze Noh Theater, the stores of GINZA SIX, and the local community.
As we look ahead to 2020, when Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games, we hope you'll keep a close eye on GINZA SIX as we embark on our next stage, hand in hand with the Ginza district.


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