Tokyo, June 10, 2020 -- Mori Building Co., Ltd., Japan's leading urban landscape developer, announced today the opening of retail shops and restaurants at Toranomon Hills Business Tower tomorrow, June 11. A total of 59 businesses on first to third floors and B1, including "Toranomon Yokocho" featuring 26 branches of famous restaurants in Tokyo, plus Toranomon's first upscale supermarket and large one-floor venue for retail shops, will offer diverse food, beverages, products and services. With the opening, retail space in the Toranomon Hills complex, including the existing Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, will encompass 11,300m² and 82 facilities.

Inaugural branches of popular, well-known Tokyo restaurants
"Toranomon Yokocho" on the third floor offers an unprecedented collection of 26 branches of famous restaurants in Tokyo, several of which have opened their first-ever branches, such as Torishige, a restaurant established 70 years ago, and ELEZO HOUSE, a referral-only restaurant in residential Shibuya. Diverse a la carte choices are available, even from operators known for serving only course meals at their main restaurants, making it possible to sample a rich variety of cuisines and cooking styles.
Special drinks are offered at a craft gin brewery that uses famous Tokyo-based Shima shochu and pure water from Tokyo's Oume mountainous area. Toranomon Yokocho Cellar boasts various bottles of wine that can be enjoyed in any of the restaurants thanks to a universal Bring Your Own (BYO) policy, enabling visitors to pair favorite wines with foods from Tokyo's top eateries.
Another highlight is Toranomon Yokocho POPUP Restaurant, where in-vogue restaurants will appear one-by-one, on a rotating limited-time basis, under the supervision of noted food critic Mackey Makimoto, the creative force behind the unique lineup at "Toranomon Yokocho."


Toranomon Yokocho

Toranomon's first upscale supermarket and large one-floor venue for retail facilities
Together with "Toranomon Yokocho," the retail areas comprise 7,600m² of cumulative space with 59 shops that have been selected to meet the needs of both office workers and local residents. Some of the many highlights include an upscale supermarket, Toranomon's first large floor for product sales, and a floor that sells gifts commonly given in Japanese business settings. It also has a diverse range of restaurants for everything from casual lunches to formal business dinners, all combined together in a brand-new setting for highly pleasing shopping and dining experiences.

Tokyo's renowned restaurants gathered at "Toranomon Yokocho"

  • Establishments: 26, including Toranomon Yokocho POPUP Restaurant (limited-time basis)
  • Categories: 6 Japanese, 6 Chinese, 4 Italian/French, 6 ethnic/Western and others, 3 bars, 1 pop-up restaurant


Torishige Bunten: First branch of Shinjuku's famous Torishige restaurant, which has been innovating for over 70 years ago. Torishige is the originator of "stuffed peppers with meat."


TSUKIJI KINDACO: This neo-style takoyaki shop is produced by Tsukiji Gindaco. Explore what takoyaki would be if it were served around the world.


TORANOMON SAKABA KIRAKU-TEI +: This is an affiliate of Kiraku-Tei, a high-end Japanese restaurant in Ginza. A la carte appetizers that bring out the flavors of each ingredient are paired with a rich selection of alcoholic beverages, including sake.


ELEZO GATE: This restaurant is produced by ELEZO HOUSE, a referral-only restaurant situated in the residential neighborhood of Shoto, Shibuya. Specialist chefs from Tokachi, Hokkaido prepare meat dishes from a unique perspective.

Admission, ordering and seating managed with LINE app at safe, secure "Toranomon Yokocho"

"Toranomon Yokocho" offers safe and secure congestion-free dining by managing admission to the area and seating at individual restaurants when they reach capacity, and also mobile ordering of take-out food, via the handy LINE app (Japanese only). Customers never have to wait in line, allowing them to enjoy the tastes of famous restaurants with peace of mind in a carefully managed environment.
In addition, "Toranomon Yokocho" proprietors are alerted online whenever the area reaches its capacity. They also seat customers with physical distancing. "Toranomon Yokocho" is committed to offering a safe and enjoyable dining environment through close cooperation between management and customers.

  1. Area admission
    Admission tickets are issued via LINE whenever the area reaches its capacity.
    As the customer's turn approaches, or if capacity falls below the limit, a notification is sent to their mobile device.
  2. Mobile ordering
    Using LINE, customers can conveniently order and pay for take-out food. When the order is ready, a notification is sent to the customer's mobile device, enabling them to picking up their food smoothly.
  3. Restaurant seating
    Using the LINE app, customers never have to wait in line before a restaurant is ready to seat them. As their turn approaches, a notification is sent to their mobile device. LINE also shows how many people are waiting and updates customers as the number changes.

Left: Area admission, Center: Mobile ordering, Right: Restaurant seating

Our Rules at HILLS
Mori's initiatives for preventing infections

Comprehensive rules to prevent infectious diseases are now in place at facilities operated by Mori Building. In cooperation with all those working, living and gathering in Mori's properties, Mori Building provide facilities that can be used for diverse activities with peace of mind.

・Rules to protect everyone
-Maintain a safe physical distance
-Be sure to wear a mask
-Disinfect and wash hand

・HILLS Safety Efforts
-Enforcement of elevator usage rules
-Temperature measurement to our customers and visitors in certain locations
-Extensive cleaning and disinfecting, installation of disinfect at entrances
-Proper ventilation
-Temperature measurement of staff before work, physical condition management
-Contactless payment, use of trays for coins

Toranomon's first upscale supermarket and large one-floor venue for retail shops

In addition to "Toranomon Yokocho," Toranomon Hills Business Tower's B1 to 3rd floors and part of the 4th floor feature a diverse collection of 33 stores offering foods, gifts and services.
The B1 floor has nine stores, including FUKUSHIMAYA, the first high-quality grocery store in the area. The first floor comprises nine gourmet gift stores, including sweets, wines and other gifts suitable for business purposes and luxurious food experiences at home, including LE CAFÉ LA BOUTIQUE de Joël Robuchon.
On the second floor there are eight stores, including SPBS TORANOMON, a bookstore popular for its original workshop events and book selection, and Urban Famima!!, a unique convenience store developed in collaboration with apparel leader Urban Research. The third floor is home to "Toranomon Yokocho" and a selection of six business-style or family-friendly restaurants, including Brazilian churrasco from Barbacoa.


Toranomon Hills Business Tower Retail Facilities Overview

  • Opening: hursday, June 11, 2020
  • Shops/restaurants: 59 (7 lifestyle stores, 6 gourmet shops and 46 restaurants)
  • Floor size: Approx. 7,600m²
  • Business hours:
    Lifestyle stores--11:00-20:00
    Gourmet stores--10:30-19:30
    Restaurants, including Toranomon Yokocho*--11:00-22:00
    *Hours may vary depending on shop
  • Interior designers:
    Retail facilities--Masamichi Katayama, a principal of Wonderwall inc.
    Toranomon Yokocho--Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida, SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE
  • Producers:
    Toranomon Yokocho overall--Masaki Yokokawa, CEO of WELCOME GROUP
    Toranomon Yokocho store selection―Mackey Makimoto, Tabearukist Association