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Roppongi Hills to Mark its 15th Anniversary

Major renewal will add to Roppongi Hills' presence as the cultural heart of Tokyo

Tokyo, March 8, 2018 — Mori Building, a leading urban developer in Tokyo, announced today that its Roppongi Hills mixed-use complex, Japan's largest urban redevelopment project, will mark its 15th anniversary this coming April 25. To mark the anniversary, Mori Building will enhance the status of Roppongi Hills as the cultural heart of Tokyo by launching a major renewal to introduce 23 new culinary venues and by staging a variety of stimulating art events and exhibitions throughout 2018.

Roppongi Hills fully embodies Mori Building's unique urban design concept, Vertical Garden City, which makes intelligent use of ultra-high-rise structures and underground space to enhance infrastructure efficiency and integrate diverse urban functions, in addition to freeing a vast amount of open space on the ground level for greenery. Roppongi Hills is developed as a "city within a city" where people can work, live and relax within a walking distance. Since its opening in 2003, it has attracted people worldwide as a premier tourist destination. Some 40 million people visit Roppongi Hills every year and cumulative visitation is expected to total around 600 million by the anniversary date.

The planned renewal upon completion in 2020 will be significant in size — covering about half of the total retail floor space at Roppongi Hills. This year's renewal will introduce 23 high-quality restaurants and food proprietors from Japan and other countries.

The diverse range of celebratory art events and exhibitions scheduled in 2018 will emphasize Roppongi Hills' status as the cultural heart of Tokyo.

New culinary delights
Six new establishments run by top culinary artisans will be opened along Roppongi Hills' Keyaki-zaka street, where many of the world's best-known luxury brands are on display. Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse Roppongi will launch a flagship chocolat boutique with a salon in April, and Ukai Group will open Ukai-tei, Japan's top-notch teppan-yaki restaurant, and Kappou ukai in March. New openings in June will include L'Effervescence, which already operates a Michelin two-star French restaurant in Tokyo, Le Sucre-Coeur, a leading French bakery in Osaka, and several other globally renowned restaurants, further enhancing Roppongi Hills' reputation as a culinary paradise.


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