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【GINZA SIX】New artwork celebrating The GINZA SIX 1st Anniversary

From April 2 to May 6, GINZA SIX will host its 1st Anniversary event. This event marks the anniversary of the April 20, 2017, opening of GINZA SIX, the Ginza area's largest commercial facility and the first world-class luxury shopping mall in Japan. One year since its opening, GINZA SIX is firmly established as a new landmark in Ginza, Tokyo's cultural epicenter. Moving into our second year, we will continue to offer high-quality experiences and relaxing interactions with art only GINZA SIX can deliver.
In the large atrium space in the center of GINZA SIX, internationally acclaimed French artist Daniel Buren is working to create installations that will become the new face of Ginza. Buren's artwork will also flow out into the streets of Ginza, filling Chuo-dori, Ginza's main street, with some 1,100 meters of artwork.
Working with artists and brands in Japan and overseas to present special events, exhibitions, and product displays, the stores at GINZA SIX will offer limited-edition merchandise commemorating this first anniversary.
Beyond all this, in a first for GINZA SIX, we will work with Kanze Noh Theater to present a number of inspiring programs for our visitors, including Takigi Noh (bonfire Noh) performances on the rooftop garden and Noh workshop sessions for families.
Keep an eye on GINZA SIX as we step into a new era alongside Ginza!


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