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2018 New Year's Message from the President (summary)

Mori Building is embarking on a "Year of Transformation" in 2018.
By steadily growing our corporate and "Hills" brands in past years, Mori Building has paved the way for several major urban renewal projects that will be crucial for our future. We are now entering the execution phase of multiple projects, more than we have ever experienced before at one time.

Tokyo's Toranomon Hills area is emerging as a global business hub. Construction of both the Business Tower and the Residential Towers is proceeding according to plan and we are awaiting the city plan decision for the Station Tower later this month. Meanwhile, our Toranomon Azabudai Project is in the final planning stage prior to the launch of construction in 2019. This project presents significant challenges in terms of location, lot shape (outline) and the high number of landowners— challenges that only Mori Building could possibly overcome.

To make the leap to our next stage, we will not stick to conventional ways of thinking or doing business. Technologies such as AI and biotechnologies are advancing rapidly, business conditions are undergoing dramatic changes and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the midst of such dramatic changes, it would be impossible to maintain our position without transforming Mori Building. While we will continue to embrace the unique philosophy, vision and values that define Mori Building, we are determined to boldly and flexibly transform our business, including operations and structure, to move forward.

I am also asking all Mori Building employees to undergo their own personal transformations. When it comes to urban redevelopment, people are our most precious assets. I believe that strong organizations are made up of strong individuals, and at Mori Building, our employees have many opportunities to grow. Going forward, Mori Building employees will be expected to seize these opportunities and boldly tackle our challenges, no matter how great, to develop as next generation leaders.

Today, we embark on our "Year of Transformation". I am confident that our company's unique "Mori Buildingism", our unique philosophy and vision, will guide us like a compass toward our next horizon.

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