In November 2009, a new energy-saving, high-security gate system for high-rise buildings, the "Ultra-Lightweight Multifunctional Dual Doors", was installed at the Shanghai World Financial Center (hereafter referred to as 'SWFC') located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone Center, Pudong New Area in Shanghai. The SWFC is the world's highest skyscraper complex and is operated by Mori Building Group. Performance results of this system in winter show that the amount of external air inflow decreased about 75% compared to that of an automatic sliding door (used per person) and the amount of air-conditioning gas used for the entire building in December 2009 decreased about 5.6% from the previous year.

Effects of the "Ultra-Lightweight Multifunctional Dual Doors" (Semi-interlock)
[Feature details]
Compared to an automatic sliding door (area sensor),
Amount of external air inflow used per person is approximately 75% less
Amount of air-conditioning gas used compared to the previous year is approximately 5.6% less


(A)Traffic direction sign(One way or both ways) (B) Access permit sign (LED lighting panel) (C) First door (folding door which can open both ways) (D) Airlock hall (E) Second door (folding door which can open both ways)

Entrance System
1) Walk towards a gate that the traffic direction sign (A) shows [O] and the access permit sign (B) is lighted blue.
2) The first door (C) opens.
3) The first door (C) closes after entering the airlock hall (D), and then the second door (E) opens. *Audio guidance is played inside the airlock hall.
4) Enter the building.