On June 19, 2009 (Fri.), Mori Building Co., Ltd. will again commence the operation of the automated control system(*) of Dry Mist, an energy efficient cooling system, which was installed in the summer of 2006 with the purposes to increase the comfort of visitors and the awareness of energy conservation.

Dry Mist attracts people with its effectiveness to urban heat island phenomenon

Dry Mist system sprays an extremely fine particle mist, which is so minute; people barely notice that they are getting wet. Air is cooled through the evaporation of the mist. The Dry Mist is very environmentally friendly as the energy consumption of the system is only approx. one thirtieth of that of air conditioners. Since installed at AICHI WORLD EXPO in 2005, the Dry Mist system, an energy efficient cooling system for the next generation, has been drawing people's attention as local governments promote the installation by offering grants.
The Dry Mist system has been awarded for the 7th Environmental and Equipment Design Award 2008 (winner / BE prize) of the Association of Building Engineering and Equipment.


Dry Mist sprays mist at Roppongi Hills


Dry Mist sprays mist at Roppongi Hills

The effects of the system at Roppongi Hills has been confirmed as the temperature of the misted area is cooled by approx. 1-3℃ and 91% of the visitors said their comfort had notably increased (please refer the PDF file for further information).


Outlines of installed Dry Mist system
・Place : a partial area of 66 Plaza (approx. 30m)
・ Location : at 3.5-meter high above the ground at intervals of 3 meters (total 9)
・ Area of the spray : approx. 180m²
・ Time of the operation : 8:30 - 18:30
(*) Required conditions to start the operation : temperature = 27.5℃ or higher, humidity = lower than 70%, wind speed = no more than 4m/s, no rain

Key Points of the Dry Mist system


Cooling effect by 2-3℃
Mist is completely evaporated (the temperature is cooled by 2-3℃). The Dry Mist system applies the principle of which trees cool air by the vaporization, to its operation and, by spraying an extremely fine particle mist from nozzles, it cools the operational area by 2-3℃.

Fine particles that people barely notice that they are getting wet
The size of the mist particles is as small as 16μm (16/1000mm) and the amount of the mist is equal to that in laurel tree forests. For that reason, people barely feel that their clothes or skin are getting wet because the sprayed mist is completely vaporized.

Automated control operation
The Dry Mist maintains a more comfortable environment by its automatic control system which regularly checks the temperatures of the surrounding area.


Energy efficiency
The system has been drawing attention as an energy efficient cooling system for the next generation because the power consumption is only one thirtieth of that of air conditioners.

Urban heat island relief
The reduction of the urban heat island phenomenon in summer is expected by installing the system in more areas in towns.

History of the Dry Mist system operation