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Facility Overview

Retail facilities

Retail facilities

VenusFort is a full-scale enclosed mall but it utilizes its 11 meter-wide streets and double vaulted ceilings to create a sense of scale that makes it difficult to believe you are inside. Even though you are inside a building, there are charming streets everywhere that make you believe you are walking in real towns from the Italy or southern France of long ago.
The main promenade passing through the centre of the complex is 400 meters long, about the same as the distance between the Ginza 4-chome intersection and 7-chome. If the narrow side streets are included as well it comes to a total length of approximately 1.5 kilometers.
The ceiling represents the sky at various times of day, changing constantly from the blue skies of mid-day to the dusk, nighttime, and the sunrise, going through the full cycle in approximately one hour. It looks exactly like the real thing and makes the eyes of people visiting VenusFort twinkle with pleasure. The display, achieved by computer control, is created using the first full-fledged sky display system (Sky Future Program) in Japan.

Conference Facilities and Event Space

Event Space

You can condense the latest fashion trends with Venus Fort’s “Medieval European Village” and “Momently Changing Fantastical Sky Display”, making it possible for events and promotions full of originality that cannot be seen anywhere. It is an indoor facility, so events can be held regardless of the weather. There are events and promotions that can be realized only in Venus Fort, where about 10 million people visit each year for shopping and dining.

Data Sheet

Address 1-3-15 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Ground Area 74,560m²
Total Floor Area Approx. 124,450m²
Facilities Retail Facilities, Entertainment Facilities, etc.
  • VenusFort3 floors above ground
Construction start
  • VenusFortMay 1998
Construction completion
  • VenusFortJuly 1999
Structure S
Architect NIHON SEKKEI, INC., etc.