Roppongi Hills  Artelligent City: a city that cultivates “open-minded” people.

Special Initiatives


Details about Roppongi Hills Green

We are creating a garden-like environment for the entire city by allocating the space at ground level that we created by making high-rise buildings to city streets, promenades, green areas, and parks, and also by adding green areas to the rooftops of buildings.

Disaster Prevention Facilities

Based on the concept of “a city to escape into rather than a city from which people run away,” Roppongi Hills aims to be a disaster-prevention city, that is, a city that is very safe in the event of a disaster and a city that can contribute to disaster prevention not only on the site of the development but also in the surrounding region. To this end we have included a strong lineup of facilities and features. Furthermore, we are working to produce city infrastructure that utilizes the special characteristics of a large-scale redevelopment.


In recent times there have been concerns that interaction and connections between people in the heart of Tokyo have been getting weaker, and the approaches of area management and town management have been gaining more attention. Like other conscious entities, Roppongi Hills has been emphasizing activities for “the whole city.”
We inaugurated the Roppongi Hills Self-governing Association to promote horizontal cooperation among the various people who come to the complex, cooperate with the town councils in the vicinity, and further promote urban development as the core of community activities. The self-governing association has inherited the infrastructure of the Roppongi 6-chome Area Redevelopment Association, which had led the urban redevelopment project for 17 years, and was launched to newly welcome the residents living in this complex and the shops and businesses, etc. located here.
Objectives of the self-governing association are to strengthen security for the entire complex, including disaster prevention and crime prevention measures, and to form an open-minded community that is only possible in a multipurpose city like Roppongi Hills, where people of different nationalities, occupations, and ages can actively participate in community activities.

Public Art

Details of public art and design

“Roppongi Hills Public Art & Design Project” was launched to supply a key element in realizing the grand vision of Roppongi Hills as a cultural center in Tokyo.
For this large-scale project with the ambitious theme of creating a new and much-needed cultural center in the heart of the city, over twenty world-class artists and designers were specially commissioned to create works to be placed at sites around the community.
Transcending the boundary between art and design, the exquisite yet functional works are shaping the creative landscape of this cultural center.

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