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Omotesando Hills Zelkova Terrace

  • Omotesando Hills Zelkova Terrace
  • Omotesando Hills Zelkova Terrace

Residences for Lease

Omotesando Hills is Omotesando's new landmark. The residences on its sunny upper floors all offer first-class seats to the magnificent views of the Zelkova trees that line and symbolize the avenue below. The sunlight falling through the trees, the rustle of the breeze, the murmur of Omotesando’s street sounds. These apartments offer lifestyles tailored to the individual, along with the pleasures of Omotesando. World renowned Architect Tadao Ando designed this residence to offer the finest possible example of the Tokyo urban lifestyle. The contrast of architectural concrete and glass, the use of exposed pebbles in the floor - the design may be unadorned, but it is richly expressive, easily absorbing the hues and contours of nature and blending together with the lush greenery of the surrounding environment.

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