Mori Building Co., Ltd.

Concept and History

Strengthening Tokyo's "Magnetic Power" and competitiveness by integrating two city blocks

The building was completed unusually fast for a redevelopment project, beginning with the design finalization in December 2011 and the commencement of construction in April 2014. The new building, which measures 115 meters (width) by 100 meters (depth), comprises 148,700 square meters of total floor area, including office floors each with 6,100 square meters, one of the largest in Tokyo's 23 wards; 47,000 square meters of retail space with 241 retail outlets, unmatched in Ginza; and the Kanze Noh Theater. The building, an important addition to disaster preparedness in the Ginza area, has its own emergency power-generating system and stockpiles of emergency supplies and provisions to accommodate up to 3,000 people in the event of a major disaster. Also, a tourist information center and a terminal for tour buses, as well as easy connections to public transport and roadways, will provide special conveniences and hospitality for visitors from around the world. GINZA SIX will also offer the largest rooftop garden in Ginza. This complex will become a new magnetic power of Ginza district, and contribute to the overall competitiveness of Tokyo.


“6-star” quality complex, offering Ginza’s tradition and new values

“Ginza” is a symbol of Japan as a commercial cluster, taking in the cutting-edge parts while inheriting traditions and history of Japan. “GINZA SIX” expresses the pride of this city and bringing in the new value while taking over the historic and innovative aspects of “Ginza”. As a symbol of Ginza 6-chome, it has a “6-star” quality and offers joy and satisfaction that satisfy all five senses. As a part of Tokyo's one and only Ginza, GINZA SIX will become a new magnetic power of Ginza district, and contribute to the overall competitiveness of Tokyo.

Data Sheet

Location 6-chome, 10, 11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Ground Area 9,077m²
Total Floor Area 148,697m²
Facilities Retail Facilities, Office, Cultural Facilities, District Cooling/Heating Facilities, Parking
Floor 13 floors above ground/ 6 floors underground
Construction start April 2014
Construction completion January 2017
Structure Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Steel-reinforced Concrete