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Mori Building’s Environmental Initiatives

ARK Hills and Roppongi Hills are one of the most famous areas in Tokyo for its cherry blossoms as many people come to enjoy them.

ARK Hills
ARK Hills
Roppongi Hills
Roppongi Hills

Yearly Tree Trunk Growth at ARK Hills and Roppongi Hills

For the opening in 1986, many cherry trees were planted with the aim of restoring the sight of the old cherry trees that once blossomed in the area. At that time, the trunk thickness of the newly planted trees averaged 28cm. After more than 30 years of careful care (2019), this had increased to 145cm in average and still keep growing moderately.
Exclude, replanted trees

Cherry trees surrounding ARK Hills
Cherry trees surrounding ARK Hills: 71.1→141.5cm
Cherry trees in ARK Hills Garden
Cherry trees in ARK Hills Garden: 23.1→78.8cm
Cherry trees in Roppongi Hills
Cherry trees in Roppongi Hills: 49.7→125.5cm
Zelkova trees in Roppongi Hills
Zelkova trees in Roppongi Hills: 96.3→132.8cm