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Thoughts on Today's Cities

The industrial society is giving way to the new knowledge and information society, but it is facing issues unlike any previously known. Our cities must adapt to these new paradigms.

Mori Building meets the challenges of the times by designing and constructing "Vertical Garden Cities." This concept is the creation of compact cities that integrate land subdivided over previous decades and erect high-rise structures that open up green areas.
These cities serve as focal points for human contacts and networking, which will promote cultural and economic activities. Cities would thus become safe and comfortable, providing a dynamism for residents and visitors alike.

However, the future is not just a matter of constructing buildings and infrastructure. Urban design must support and foster the lives of the people, tap the future potential of the community and play a proactive role. In order to achieve these goals, Mori Building needs to actively promote its ideas and visions for society.
By watching the present and planning for the future, Mori Building is fulfilling its goal of shaping the urban landscape. This is the mission of Mori Building.

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