Toranomon Hills

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Unrealized MacArthur Highway

Previously discussed but never realized, the vision for redevelopment along Loop Road No. 2 from Toranomon to Shimbashi has long been dubbed the “Unrealized MacArthur Highway.” To transform this vision into reality, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government selected Mori Building as a partner in a joint public-private sector effort. Mori Building's redevelopment expertise will be vital to Tokyo's infrastructure and the revitalization of the Shimbashi-Toranomon area.
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The aims of the project are to complete the development of a distinctive and appealing mixed-use urban area including the Loop Road No. 2 (a trunk road from Shimbashi to Toranomon that will utilize the raised road system to form a framework for the city), and the areas surrounding it, alleviate traffic congestion in the heart of the city, and promote development alongside the road, including the waterfront so as to reorganize and enhance the city structure of Tokyo.
In Zone III we are moving ahead with procedures to change the urban planning by reducing the number of buildings from four to two. By doing this the project will contribute to improving land use and city functions in the Kan-2 area. For example, it will create large-scale open spaces.
The project will expand outdoor open spaces within the district from approximately 3,000m2 to approximately 6,000m2, strengthening their functions as superior outdoor spaces. New cultural and social interaction functions will be introduced, contributing to the promotion of international exchange and a tourism-based city. Moreover, on the north side of the district a new raised walkway will be built, creating a good space for pedestrians.

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