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ARK Mori Building

  • ARK Mori Building
  • ARK Mori Building

Office Space

To meet the needs of the current era of internationalization and greater use of information technology, we created the ARK Mori Building based on design concepts from the planning stage onwards that incorporate outstanding components as much as possible mainly in light of "safety", "comfort", "convenience", and "adaptability". We intensively studied and researched the intelligent building concept and enhanced the information structure of the ARK Mori Building as an office building. As a result, it is highly regarded as a multipurpose city complex and at the same time maintains a high occupancy rate as an international financial business center, with a large number of international financial institutions as tenants.
In 2005 we carried out a major renovation of the building, with the major goals of "regeneration of interior design utilizing the special qualities of Ark Hills" and "pursuing office specifications of the same standard as those of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower."

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