Environment and Greenery

Increased “Green ratio”* through proactive greening of open space and rooftops

Green ratio of major development projects

ARK Hills Realization of a verdant environment in the heart of the city consisting of the 7 ARK Gardens including the Suntory Hall rooftop garden and rows of cherry trees (total: 700m). Return of wild birds and other elements of a natural ecosystem. Date of Completion 1986
Site area(m2) 41,186
Building area(m2) 22,853
Green area(m2) 8,780
Green ratio* 21.3%
Atago Green Hills Greening project that makes the most of Edo-era flora while preserving Mt. Atago natural environs and enhancing the existing garden. Mt. Atago, Seiso temple and offices/residences of the twin towers all linked by greenery. Date of Completion 2001
Site area(m2) 38,452
Building area(m2) 10,677
Green area(m2) 11,882
Green ratio* 30.0%
Akasaka Tameike Tower Roof garden (100m above ground) serving as a place of rest and recreation for office tenants and residents. Generous planning of fruit-bearing plants such as olive trees and grapevines inspired by the theme “Kitchen Garden”. Date of Completion 2000
Site area(m2) 5,733
Building area(m2) 1,922
Green area(m2) 1,732
Green ratio* 30.2%
Moto-azabu Hills Greening of approx. half of the site based on the concept “the city itself should be a forest”. Rooftop and balcony greening using “moss in net” in addition to ground level greening. Date of Completion 2002
Site area(m2) 12,308
Building area(m2) 3,676
Green area(m2) 5,960
Green ratio* 48.4%
Roppongi Hills Creation of approx. 1ha of green through development that included planting some 68,000 trees. Diverse green space including a rice paddy on the rooftop of the theater building and restoration of a Japanese garden. Date of Completion 2003
Site area(m2) 84,779
Building area(m2) 57,000
Green area(m2) 21,920
Green ratio* 25.8%
Holland Hills “Fragrance”-theme garden offering the enjoyment of lavender, clematis and other flora rich in fragrance. Integration of greenery of the adjoining embassy (Netherlands) and eventual creation of a green urban network. Date of Completion 2005
Site area(m2) 3,545
Building area(m2) 2,347
Green area(m2) 897
Green ratio* 25.0%
Omotesando Hills Theme of “historic legacy” inspired a project with buildings kept at the same height as the rows of zelkova trees lining the boulevard and harmonization with existing greenery as well as rooftop greening. Also greening of wall surfaces. Date of Completion 2006
Site area(m2) 6,051
Building area(m2) 5,030
Green area(m2) 1,845
Green ratio* 30.0%
Total Green Area: 53,016m2

※Excluding public use land
※Green ratio = ratio of land/surface covered with trees/grass to a prescribed area (site) that is land/surface covered with trees/grass.

  • Mouri Garden at Roppongi Hills
  • Mouri Garden at Roppongi Hills

Increased “green” area through urban redevelopment

Approximately 1ha of new green area has been created through redevelopment that included planting of over 68,000 trees and shrubs.

  • Pre-development “green” area: 1.65ha
  • Pre-development “green” area:
  • 1.65ha
  • Pre-development “green” area: 1.65ha
  • Post-development “green” area:
  • 2.56ha (including public land)
Planted trees/shrubs: approx. 68,000

Fostering the growth of a forest in the city

ARK Hills

  • ARK Garden
  • ARK Garden

In the creation of the rows of 150 cherry blossom trees, the 7 ARK Gardens, and the rooftop/ surface greening, we undertook not only the careful selection of plants to match each environment but also pursued the development and application of new greening techniques. We have also fostered community activities that involve the green environment and sought ways to further contribute to the area through, for example, the formation of the “Hills Gardening Club” that looks after the greenery of both ARK Hills and Roppongi Hills, holds gardening shows and other activities.

ARK Garden Total:
Trees/Shrubs: approx. 40,000
Flowers/Flowering shrubs: approx. 12,700
Garden Name Size/Length Varieties Main Types
Main Garden approx. 720m2 Flower:70 Pansies, Kashiwaba hydrangeas, garden cyclamen, Christmas roses
Four Seasons Garden approx. 570m2 Tree/shrub:30 Flower:70 Pulsatilla cernua, Mountain hyrangea, dwarf Japanese quinces
Container Garden Yard approx. 200m2 Flower:40 Feijoa sellowiana, daisies, golden ninebark
Roof Garden (Usually closed to the public) approx. 1,220m2 Flower:60 Phlox, scarlet maple, patrinia scabiosifolia, Chinese crabapple
Rose Garden (Usually closed to the public) approx. 360m2 Tree/shrub:15 Flower:30 Cherokee roses, banksia roses, Japanese roses
Palette Garden approx. 250m2 (along city sidewalk) Tree/shrub:10 Flower:40 Marguerites (chrysanthemum frutescens), euryops daisies, conifers
Back Garden approx. 260m2 Flower:15 Lilies, hydrangeas, Christmas roses

20 Years of Tree Growth

  • ARK Hills “Sakura” Cherry Blossom Tree
  • Growth Record (Trunk thickness)

For the opening in 1986, many cherry trees were planted with the aim of restoring the sight of the old sakura trees that once blossomed in the area. At that time, the trunk thickness of the newly planted trees averaged 28cm. After 20 years of careful care (2006), this had increased by 82.9cm to 110.9cm.

Recognition of numerous environmental awards

List of environmental awards received to date.
Year Award Name Organization
FY2002 Urban Green Space Award "Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Award" Urban Green Space Development Foundation
FY2005/2006 SEGES (Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System) Urban Green Space Award Stage 3 Urban Green Space Development Foundation
FY2006 Road Day "Distinguished Service for Roads -Director of the Construction Bureau Award" Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Energy Globe Award Energy Globe (Austria Citizen Group)
FY2007 SEGES (Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System) Urban Green Space Award Stage 3 Urban Green Space Development Foundation
Road Day "Distinguished Service for Roads –Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Award" Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Prize of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in the 17th Global Environment Awards FujiSankei Group

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